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The MARCH Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of leak-free pump systems for medical technologies, environmental technologies, the chemical industry and other industrial original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Sustainability and environmental compatibility are our top priorities. For this reason we make sure that our products, as well as those of our suppliers, are manufactured as climate-neutral as possible. Our pumps are primarily used where it is important to protect the environment and ensure the safety of human life.

The focus of MARCH PUMPEN in Germany is the development and production of "customized" pump solutions Made in Germany for demanding tasks and OEM applications.

When it comes to aggressive, explosive or environmentally hazardous media, MARCH PUMPEN is your number one contact. Although when it comes to special applications, such as the production of cooling pumps for gas turbine power plants with system pressures of more than 150 bar, we are the supplier for the world's leading manufacturer of such power plants.

MARCH PUMPEN in Germany also specializes in the manufacture of corrosion-resistant, practically pulsation-free pump systems for applications under high delivery pressure and low delivery rates.

For example, we are the only manufacturer in the world to have patented gear pumps of the TEF-MAG® series (US Pat.-No.: US 10,189,005 B2, European Patent-No.: EP 19194371.1) made of metallic materials such as PEEK, PVDF-ELS, SiC and according to ATEX directive 2017/34 / EU as well.

Other pump systems “Made in Germany” are rotary vane pumps (sliding vane pumps) of the VANE-MAG® series, which are made of stainless steel or Hastelloy “C276” as well as robust, non metallic and conductive materials such as PVDF-PTFEC or PP-ELS.

Furthermore, at the Giessen factory, we manufacture OEM original equipment pumps of high quality and quantities for apparatus construction and medical technologies, such as small gear pumps or centrifugal pumps for cooling systems and medical applications.

Our expertise, customer service, flexibility and short delivery times are our proven strengths and will continue to be our focus.

If you want to benefit from the attractive price-performance ratio of a leading pump manufacturer then MARCH PUMPEN will be your best choice.

MARCH PUMPEN… innovative pump solutions made in Germany for a safer future for humanity, nature and the environment.

MARCH PUMPEN …. Advanced Solutions in Leak-Free Pumptechnology!

About us

Das Unternehmen

Welcome to the world of leak-free pumps

With the founding of MARCH Manufacturing Inc. in 1959 in Illinois, USA, a new era in liquid handling was established:

MARCH was the first company in the world to develop the principle of the "leak-free magnetically coupled chemical centrifugal pump" exclusively for Eastman-Kodak in the photographic industry.

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When it comes down to the pump...

Detailed information about our pumps for OEM, medical applications, chemical industries, plating industries and many others can be found in our product overview.



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